18th of November - Quartier Papier in Brussels

PART 1: SkillsGym Health from 10am - 12pm

PART 2: SkillsGym from 1pm - 4pm


Treat yourself to this unique experience.


PART 1: SkillsGym Health

10am - 12pm 

Take a dip (quite literally) in our SkillsGym well-being offer. Besides the e-doing workouts, SkillsGym Health provides unforgettable live experiences, encouraging people to build strength and resilience outside their comfort zones.

Our SkillsGym Health experts and certified Wim Hof coaches will guide you through a deep breathing exercise and a cold-exposure experience.


PART 2: SkillsGym 

1pm - 4pm 

Join us for an immersive experience focused on what may be the most critical yet elusive dimension of an engaging and productive workplace: conversation culture.

Don't have a vibrant conversation culture yet? 

Employees who say their work culture does not promote or support holding crucial conversations.

Vital Smarts 

Employees who avoid having difficult conversations with their boss, colleagues, or direct reports.

Vital Smarts  

Employees who think their leaders lack communication skills.

Interact/Harris Poll

Average cost for every conversation your employees avoid holding.

Vital Smarts


Why would you want one? 

Employees who feel the greatest sense of belonging at work when colleagues check in with them about how they are doing, both personally and professionally. 

Harvard Business Review


People who overestimate the awkwardness and underestimate the value of insightful or “deep” conversations.

Kellogg School of Management  

Employees who say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated. 


Employees who say being recognized motivates them in their job.


Oftentimes the big conversations we know we need to have are the most difficult to begin; they feel awkward, strange, uncomfortable. So we stumble our way through or avoid them altogether, and a negative feedback loop is quickly set into play: the less we do it, the harder it gets.

The bottom line for our actual lived experience is that we miss opportunities to grow, to share, and to create a team that genuinely loves working together. Not only does our output suffer, we actually get less out of life.

That’s why SkillsGym is committed to helping you have more and better conversations at work. Small changes, big results.

Why a habit festival?

Our goal is to help organizations build strong cultures one habit at a time. Nothing fuels behavioral change like a high-energy group event, backed by evidence-based tools you can take home with you when you’re done. 

What is a habit festival?

It’s a lot of things: a moment of connection, an inspiring experience…the habit festival brings together bright and curious people for a unique event, sparking conversations that are experienced by most people as "eye-opening" and “transformative."



2 keynotes on what makes a good conversation and why you need more of them by Bram Doolaege and Eric Haas

Small-group exercises, and the 5 most meaningful conversations that you need to be having with your team right now.

Sharing is caring! The first 10 people to register can invite 5 managers to join usIt is the job of managers to create a robust and engaging conversation culture, to build an environment that not only includes but inspires our team to be at their best.

After that, everyone is free to bring along one colleague from their organization. 

Of course you're welcome to come alone if you prefer. 

Quartier Papier provides the perfect backdrop for a fun and intensive afternoon dedicated to mastering the art of conversation as a critical element of your day-to-day reality.

Join us!

Mark your calendars and get excited for our event on Friday the 18th of November.

  • PART 1: SKILLSGYM HEALTH - 10am until 12pm
  • PART 2: SKILLSGYM - 1pm until 4pm

We are so excited to experience a fun event together with you!



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The quality of our experience at work is shaped by our relationships.

The quality of our relationships is determined by our conversations. 

The quality of our conversations is set by our conversation culture.