Nils Maes

"To change your body, you must first change your mind."

Nils Maes is a former elite athlete. He started his career as a ballet dancer at the English National Ballet and the Paris Opera. He then moved on to studying martial arts and trained for 2 years with the Olympic team in China. As a gym owner and personal trainer, movement is still a very important part of his life. “A healthy mind in a healthy body” is a way of life for Nils. Due to his own injuries as a result of putting too much stress on his body for many years, he became interested in ways to heal the body and stay healthy in the long-term.


Sarah Cherif

 Sarah Cherif is the founder of and Both companies focus on helping individuals, teams and organizations build new habits. For more than 15 years, CUTESolutions has been succeeding in building skills through the method of habit change in the area of soft skills (communication, personal productivity, leadership,…). And for years, clients have been asking Sarah “Why don’t you have a well-being offer? Well-being is all about building good habits!”. But as an evidence-based organization, Sarah and her team, decided that as long they did not have a way of measuring impact, they did not feel comfortable bringing such an offer.